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Coventry, Coventry

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pay as u go


Standard Pay As U Go Taster Session

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:£32

Deposit Standard

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:£20

Motorway Lessons

. Duration:2 hrs 30 mins··. Price:£85

5 Hour Block SALE

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins··. Price:£150



10 Hour SALE Block Manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£280

1.5 Hour /Starter Manual

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins··. Price:£52.50

Deposit Standard

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:£20

5 Hour Block SALE

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins··. Price:£150

block bookings


10 Hour Block Manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£300

20 Hour Block Manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£600

30 Hour Block Manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£900

40 Hour Block Manual

. Duration:2 hrs·. Price:£1,200

15 hour block booking manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£450

Deposit For Block Booking

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:£30

5 Hour Block SALE

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins··. Price:£150

intensive course


Intensive 5 Hour Manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£270

Intensive 10 Hour Manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£395

Intensive 15 Hour Manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£585

Intensive 20 Hour Manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£790

Intensive 25 Hour Manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£987

Intensive 30 Hour Manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£1,185

Intensive 35 Hour Manual

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:£1,365

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64 reviews
  • Hanna bm·

    Passed manual driving test with 3 faults.

    Started driving with this school as a beginner and stayed with my instructor because he is such a great teacher , patient friendly calm when I made mistakes and has a great personality .

    I felt a lot more confident that I expected before my test and managed to pass in a suv after adopting the skills taught to me by my instructor

  • Phonec·

    Block of 20 purchased about a month ago , instructor was very helpful and informative very friendly and approachable made learning very enjoyable 

Passed today in my own car with 2 faults 

Blessed to have met this instructor 💯

  • Sehr15h·

    I PASSED😁😁😁

    I started a semi intensive course with my instructor after 4 years of stopping my previous lessons

    First lesson was an assessment and my instructor really made me feel comfortable even though I felt like I was a complete beginner at the time

    I was pleasantly surprised that I started to feel comfortable on the road after a few lessons ,

    Long story short I passed my test in Nuneaton first time with only 4 minors.

    I was dreading the maneouvres but the way jay teaches was so simple and easy to understand. I honestly feel like I’ve made a friend for life such a nice personality and really relaxed teaching style.

    Timing isn’t always perfect ngl but his teaching, honesty and personality makes up for a couple of minutes on the odd occasion.

    Price was well worth what I learnt in my lessons and the progress was always there throughout every lesson

    I’ve recommended my sister to him great instructor 💯💯👌🏼✅

  • Dannyg·

    chose an intensive course of 20 hours with this driving school.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I learnt to drive and get test ready within this time frame ( have family members who have done excess of 35 hours elsewhere)

    My instructor was always calm and a really nice guy to talk to.

    His teaching style encourages you to push yourself and excel but you feel very safe at the same time.

    Even when I made mistakes he was always in control and never scolded me or belittled me was so relaxed and informative.

    Give this school a massive thumbs up, instructors are amazing and never hold you back worth every penny. Recommend Recommend Recommend 1000%

  • zahirH·

    Took manual refresher lessons with jay, I forgot how to drive manual after an extended period using an automatic company car.

    Instructor was very patient, teaching methodology he used was very useful with key reference points which really helped me get control back and build my confidence

    4 hours later I’m back to comfortably driving to work in my manual car

    Recommended 5* instructor

  • Rosette livineski·

    Booked my driving lessons thinking I would only do one or two lessons as a trial, but my instructor was soo proficient and understanding to my learning style that I opted to take a block of lessons-

    The prices for manual driving lessons are cheapest I found and the value for money surpassed my expectations.

    Great driving instructor I gained soo much confidence in a short space of time and passed confidently with only 2 minors

    Recommended 💯

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